Formulated with the hydrating and soothing
qualities of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this
dynamic color-changing lipstick was first
introduced in 1985 as the first 12-hour long
lasting lipstick whose color instantly changes
upon application to a unique, personalized,
and attractive shade.
MOODmatcher Lipsticks are available in 10 classic colors that
personalize to your individual body chemistry. In addition to being
long-lasting, these lipsticks won't feather or bleed, leaving you with a
vibrant lip color that will be sure to captivate and turn heads all day.
A LUXE version of our
MOODmatcher Lipsticks.
Available in six popular
MOODmatcher colors...Red, Pink
Orange, Yellow, Green, and
Light Blue. MOODmatcher Twist
Stick lip colors are fashionable,
stylish, and their pointed tips
allow for precise application.
A color play on our MOODmatcher
Lipsticks. With our Split Stick lip colors, you
can double the color impact. Each lipstick
contains two colors that can be applied
together or separate for truly personalized
color. The MOODmatcher Split Stick
collection is currently comprised of six
different color combinations, including new
colors Gold, Magenta, Lavender and Silver.
Another member of the MOODmatcher family,
this 6-hour long lasting lipstick features shimmer
and pearl for a brilliant, soft, and radiant look.
Comes in 6 lustrous colors...Green, Blue, Orange
Purple, Pink and Brown.
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